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1. How often should we wash our engines?
It is recommended that every 400 to 600 hours engines should be washed for the best results.

2. Why do we need to wash the engines?
Washing engines on regular basis helps to save fuel, improves EGT margin, and prolongs the engines’ life.

3. Should we wash the engines with hot water or detergent?
Aero Jet Wash is able to do both Hot water and detergent wash. It depends on the operator but usually detergent is recommended.

4. How do I schedule an engine wash?
All you need to do is call our toll free number (1-866-381-7955) and our friendly sales people will help you.

5. Do we have to fly our aircraft to your site?
No. Aero Jet Wash sends the mobile unit with experienced crew to customer’s site at no extra charge.

6. What happens to dirty water coming from the engine?
Aero Jet Wash takes pride in being a 100% green company. The Aero Jet Wash Collection Suit has been carefully designed to be used in all U.S. and international airports with environmental safety as a first priority. This unique system captures ALL of the effluent from the engine pipe and then run it through our filtration system.

7. How long does it take to wash the engines?
With our Collection Suit design we can wash two engines in one hour.

8. Can we wash all types of engines?
Yes, Aero Jet Wash Collection Suit is designed to fit any type of engine.

9. Does Aero Jet Wash carry liability insurance coverage?
Yes. We do provide coverage for customers at no extra cost