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Announcing Exclusive Aircraft Engine Wash Service Contract Awarded by the United States Air Force

In December 2018, through a competitively-bid process, Aero Jet Wash, LLC was awarded a 7-year contract by the United States Air Force to perform jet engine wash services to a variety of Air Force aircrafts in more than 40 US Air Force bases. Read more...

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Welcome to Aero Jet Wash, LLC. A company dedicated to providing total engine and aircraft washing services and products.

Our Collection Suit has been carefully designed to be used in airports or maintenance facilities with environmental concerns as a first priority.

aero jet wash aero jet wash
aero jet wash

This unique system captures the waste water from the tail pipe while water or solution is being delivered into the engine, making this system one of the most efficient and ECO responsible equipment in the market today.

Our injection system (Green Jet Wash®) can deliver cold/hot water (up to 200 degrees F) with or without detergent into the engine. This injection system is also equipped with a waste water treatment unit.

Regular engine washing has been found to reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.0% a year. This means thousands of dollars for small operators and millions of dollars for major airlines. Engine washing would also increase EGT margin which in turn would make the engine and gaspath more efficient in terms of producing more power for the same or lower amount of fuel consumption.

Aero Jet Wash, LLC, and its mobile units are ready to provide engine wash services at your convenience.


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