Tracking EGTM and washing as dictated by EGT trends maximizes Fuel Savings

Aero Jet Wash, LLC. (AJW) is the premier on-wing engine washing company in the US offering superior customer service. As we’ve grown, we have expanded our services and presence throughout the US with on-call mobile service or fixed-base solutions from our pre-staged locations and our West Carrollton, OH headquarter We have a patented wash process that uses pure de-ionized, mineral free water which acts like a solvent to wash the engine compressor and turbine blades to remove accumulated contaminants and debris without any environmental impact. Our Effluent Collection System captures 100% of the effluent without any additional Ground Support Equipment and can even be used in a hangar or test cell. Our mobile vans are equipped with an effluent filtration system that enables environmentally compliant disposal.


• Improves thermal efficiency (increases Exhaust Gas Temperature Margin (EGTM) by 10-18 degrees Celsius)
• Increases fuel savings (reduced by up to 2% with regularly scheduled washes)
• Lowers maintenance costs
• Prolongs engine life
• Reduces pollution
• Environmentally compliant (AJW captures 100% of the effluent)

Engine washing will increase engine performance, which in turn makes the engine and gaspath more efficient in terms of producing more power for the same or lower amount of fuel consumption.


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