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Aero Jet Wash, LLC. (AJW) is dedicated to providing total jet engine cleaning services. We have an on-wing washing system using injected water or detergent that penetrates deep into the engine; cleaning performance-stealing contaminants. The Patented AJW cleaning process is superior in terms of its cleaning efficiency and provides matchless environmental friendliness.

AJW offers responsive on-call as well as fixed base services for its patented process for On-Wing Engine Water Washes. Our van or trailer mounted systems are completely self-contained, and each consists of a Generator, a Wash System, an Effluent Collection and Treatment System, and a set of Universal Telescopic Injection Probes (UTIPs). We have wash units co-located at several sites throughout the US and these are backed up from our Ohio service center. We can be on-site at your location within the continental United States within twenty-four (24) hours. We not only bring the wash to the aircraft, but we can do so in the hangar or test cell, on the ramp or at the gate.

Engines can be washes in as little as one quarter the traditional wash time (approximately 30-45 minutes) using as little as 5-10 gallon/minute, depending on the size and make of the engine. With multiple-engine cleaning capability, a commercial twinjet can be washed in approximately 1 hour. The service is offered on a 24X7X365 basis.

This engine wash process is applicable to all turbine engines. The adjustable nature of the Telescopic Injection Probe and Universal fit of the Effluent Collection System are designed to accommodate just about any size engine.

For a complete overview of AJW Services, download our Service Brochure in PDF format.

Modern Technologies


Effluent Collection System

The Effluent Collection System consists of the Effluent Collection Suit and the filtering system that allows the effluent to be disposed of in an environmentally Compliant manner.


Universal Telescopic Injection Probes

Universal Telescopic Injection Probes are capable of being adjusted to any length to fit any specific turbine engine.


Pre-Wash Preparation

Aircraft maintenance personnel would perform the pre-wash preparation procedures as instructed in the appropriate engine manuals.

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