Aircraft Engine Compressor Washing Services/Products

Aircraft Engine Wash

A cleaner aircraft engine works better and requires less fuel to run.


Salt, Soot, Dirt and Exhaust Fumes enter the compressors with the air supply.

Specialized Equipment

We use specialized equipment manufactured by GTG to clean the engine contaminants.

Thermal Efficiency

The build-up of contaminants interfere with the air-flow and the gaspath and affect the efficiency of the compressors and turbines.


At the moment, the United States Air Force (USAF) is Aero Jet Wash’s (AJW) largest customer. After participating in a technology development program to validate the engine wash process, the USAF selected AJW’s technology for a competitive bid contract that began in 2013 and was won by AJW. Then in December 2018, AJW won the follow-on contract through another competitively bid process and continues now as the exclusive Engine Wash contractor for USAF KC-135, B52, C5M and numerous special purpose aircraft. These services are provided on a year-round basis at more than 40 different USAF bases in the continental US.

Below are some of the companies that have used our products or services

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